Rajka medal

The 2020 Rajka medal was planned to be awarded in Seoul, but will be postponed to 2021 because of the international sanitary crisis. The awardee will be officially nominated in September 2020.

Young portrait of Georg Rajka In memory of Professor Georg Rajka and his pioneering work in the field of Atopic Dermatitis, the International Society of Atopic Dermatitis awards a medal for the best scientific contribution published or accepted within the two years preceding the symposium. The medal, showing Georg Rajka and the emblem of ISAD is kindly donated by Ms Susanne Rajka (Oslo).

Criteria for the Rajka medal

  • applicants must be younger than 40 years at the time of the meeting
  • if there are extenuating circumstances, such as parenting responsibilities, the applicant who is slightly above the age of 40 years may submit a paragraph of explanation for consideration
  • applicants must be registered for the meeting at the time of application
  • applicants dedicated in the research of atopic dermatitis, and not just inflammation generally
  • applicants’ research can be basic science, epidemiology or clinical research, but it must be original research rather than an editorial or clinical review
  • the applicants’ research should refer to data that is original and which has been performed by the candidate
  • it is up to the candidate to ensure that his/her co-authors agree with and give permission for the work to be submitted
  • joint submissions are not allowed

Practical Information

Send your best original research paper (systematic reviews may be accepted) that has been published in the last two years (to be defined based on the date of the meeting).

  • Include a cover letter (max. 500 words) to explain why the contribution is unique, outstanding and what impact it is likely to have.
  • Include a short CV (no more than 4 pages)
  • Include a support letter of your research lead.
  • The applicant should be first or last author of the paper and has to ensure that his/her co-authors agree with the application.

Previous awardees

ISAD 2020 YouTube

The 4th Georg Rajka Medal was awarded to Lennart RÖSNER, who is actively involved in atopic dermatitis research for nearly 10 years. Starting as a PostDoc in the lab of Thomas Werfel in Hannover, Germany, he is now also a junior research group leader.

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ISAD 2018 Utrecht

The 3rd Georg Rajka Medal was awarded to Dr. Judith Thijs, from Utrecht, The Netherlands

ISAD 2016 Munich

The 2nd Georg Rajka medal was awarded to Professor Kilian Eyerich from Munich, Germany.

ISAD 2014 Nottingham

Inaugural Rajka Medal presentation to Dr. Jonathan Silverberg, (from left to right: Johannes Ring, Jonathan Silverberg, Susanne Rajka & Hywel Williams).