Organization of Care in AD 2021: Around the world experiences

Live on Friday, November 26th, 2021
From 8 to 10:30 am (BRT São Paulo time)

Dear Colleagues,

If there’s one thing that the COVID 19 pandemic has taught us, it is how deeply connected we all are and how important it is for us to collaborate and work together to find solutions to a common problem.

Atopic Dermatitis is a worldwide problem that has been increasing over the years, and there is a strong need for us to share our experiences to improve the management of this complex and intriguing disease.

In the next Organization of Care in Atopic Dermatitis Meeting we will have the privilege of sharing experiences with colleagues from Australia, UK, Japan, Switzerland, and South Africa.

I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.
With best wishes,

Organization of Care in Atopic Dermatitis Meeting’s Curator

This meeting will be held:

  • online to registrants only
  • in english language
  • Registrants are welcome to ask questions during the meeting via online form and chat.

So please register to get further instructions!